Monday, October 29, 2012

Waiting Out Hurricane Sandy...UGGH!

Living off the NC Coast, close to the Outer Banks, NC and Virginia Beach, Va. we've been under the clouds, rain and winds of Hurricane Sandy. I know we have been fortunate because we haven't lost power and the rain, although a lot, came down in a steady clip so there is no flooding where I live. I haven't ventured out but I'm betting that the area close to the Pasquotank River which opens into the Albemarle Sound which leads to the barrier reef islands known as OBX probably is. We were definitely spared!

Uggh...this is going to be ugly!
Sat. am 10/27/2012

Sun. am 10/28/2012

I did get the opportunity to work on a journal page in between my marathon cleaning event.

Todays's weather is still rain and windy conditions but Sandy has moved up the coast. Sending good thoughts to all in the path of the storm...especially to my daughter Cait, who lives in Buffalo, NY,  who asked me...after I told her to be prepared..."should I buy more eggs & batteries?"



  1. What a gorgeous page, Martha! I intend to spend the waiting time the same way. It's scary up here in NY today.

  2. always handy to have extra eggs and batteries !!! lmao stay safe lovely xx

  3. I was wondering how you were all faring - so glad to hear that so far it is all ok. And what a beautiful journal page - gorgeous colours. Take care.

  4. Beautiful page!! I loveeeeeee the colors!! Stay safe!!!!


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