Thursday, March 28, 2013

STUFF I'm Excited About!...and a Giveaway! UPDATE

4/1/2013 UPDATE:I'm highlighted over on The Crafters Workshop again so to celebrate I'm extending the time for comments and add 1 more stencils to the giveaway. I will draw the winner on Wed. 4/3.

HERE'S the link.

There are times that life hands you events that make you really happy...or things to really look forward to...unexpected happenings. So what am I talking about?

Over the past 2 days I've been on my blog roll and to my amazement I find that I have been highlighted by other makes my heart sing. It is no secret that I love to use stencils in creating my artwork. Here are the links...I would love it if you would go over and check them out ;)
The Crafters Workshop and Help Me Ronda with Ronda Palazzari.

I'm also excited about the fact that 21 Secrets, the brainchild of Dirty Footprint Studios, starts on Mon.April 1st. Some of my favorite artists will be presenting classes, the price is incredible and there is still time to sign up. Go HERE to check out what the workshops are!

Reminder: There is still time to apply for the 2013 Helmar Design Team. HERE'S the information you need! It's a great DT to work on ;)

For the GIVEAWAY ~ Leave a comment on this blog post telling me if you like to use stencils and what are your favorite stencils to use. I will draw a winner on Mon., April 1st. Prize: 2 ~ 6x6" stencils from my ETSY get to pick which ones and I will send them to you.

Well I need to get myself going because today is Art Journaling Club here at my house...every Thursday three of us gather here for journaling, laughter, tears, hugs, coffee, lunch, secrets. It's quite the spectacle but I would be lost with this day!

Have a great day ;)

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Mixed Media Workshop Part 2

Here is a quick recap of the Mixed Media class I blogged about here. Serenity Studio Arts is exactly what it sounds's a studio where one can go to throw pottery, or paint, or do stained class or make jewelry. BUT, up until now, there weren't any signs of Mixed-media, art journaling, paper arts or anything that falls into that category. I'm excited to say that has all changed and it's due to the enthusiasm of the owner. Courtney wants to learn it all and that is enough for me to jump in and say..."I can teach you that!".

Here's just a few photos that I was able to snap during the class. I have more but somehow I've lost them in iPhoto and can't find them...not deleted but! If and when I find them I will update this post! It was a small class but I felt comfortable with this size to start. 

Now here's the best part of the happenings at Serenity Studio say I'm a wee bit excited is an understatement! I'm going to be the featured artist for First Friday Art Walk, Apr. 5 2013, Serenity Studio Arts,Elizabeth City, NC!! If you're around come on down!
"ART JOURNALING....What is it? Why do it? How do I start? All are great questions! A fun way to express yourself artistically in many ways. Local artist, Martha Richardson will demo this fantastic art form during the FIRST FRIDAY ART WALK here on, April 5th from 5:30-7:30pm. We are also going to be starting an Art Journaling group to meet and work together a few times a month starting in April.....more details to come!"

Well it's the end of a long weekend and I have a studio to clean to a great week coming up!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

My First Workshop at Serenity Studio Arts or Why I'm Back Teaching Part 1

Disclaimer: This workshop is the brainchild of  Dyan Reavely. I have express written consent from Dyan to teach her workshop.

Last Nov. 2012 I traveled to The Queen's Ink,{Savage, MD.}, owned buy the incredible Patti Euler, to attend two of Dyan Reaveley's workshops. Although I had met Dyan at each of the 4 CHA's I've attended this would probably be my only chance, within traveling distance, to take her classes. I was able to sign up for her gimongous Mixed-Media Canvas and Art Journaling. At the end of the classes Dyan told us to share what we learned on the one condition that we gave credit for her techniques and projects. I thought to myself how wonderful for Dyan to share.

Little did I know that I would be contacting Dyan and requesting permission...little did I know that I would be BACK teaching. In the early 1980's I taught hand quilting in a quilt shop in Lewiston, NY, before machine quilting hit the stage. I designed, created and presented all the classes offered there. Then my daughter was born, I had a full-time teaching job, traveled 75 miles per day and something had to give. I stopped teaching but kept my hand in the industry with a small cross stitch store where I also did archival matting and framing for needlework projects. Ok...enough of the forward to now.

Class samples that I still have. 
All hand quilting done at that time and mostly historical patterns!

With a serendipitous meeting with Courtney, a metal smith and owner of Serenity Studio Arts, it became clear that I would soon be presenting various workshops at her studio. After receiving permission from Dyan I preceded to create a workshop based on her 36"x36" mixed media canvas except I shrunk it down to a 12" x 12" size. 
104 E. Main Street
Elizabeth City, NC 27909

You might ask why I chose to teach Dyan's workshop and not create my own. Because her technique is tried and tested, it's a GENIUS project where students leave with a completed canvas and have learned a multitude of techniques, lots about mixed media media products and how to create using basic items found at home. In a small little town, surrounded by several counties, from Fredericksburg, Va. and east of the I-95 corridor, from the  northeast corner of NC near the Outer Banks down the coast to Myrtle Beach, SC. you will not find a LSS...they have all left this area. Getting supplies is mostly done from the internet or you wait until you get to a city to buy. 

So to make a long story! I presented this workshop on Sat. 3/16 2013 to a small but eager class. It is hard to believe but sometimes we have to come out of own bubbles and realize that there is a multitude of eager students who have no idea, because of location, about the things WE TAKE FOR GRANTED in the industry!

Since I know how little time everyone has, the long blog lists we read each day and creativity to be attended to I will post Part 2 on Fri. So make sure you pop back and see the rest of the story!

Now go get messy, inky and creative!

Monday, March 18, 2013

My "21 Challenge" Round Up Week 1

I've done the 21 Challenge before with Rhonna Farrer but this time I'm doing it publicly by sharing it everyday on instagram. If you want to know more about what this is go HERE. If you want to follow me on instagram you will find me HERE.

My challenge is to reorganize my studio so that it works in the way that I work/create. That always is in the back of my mind...what are my steps in can I organize my studio in the same way. Some areas work but others don't. I've added areas specifically for art journaling and for fabric art...these are in dire need of HELP!!!!!

I'm also purging STUFF that I really haven't used in the last year...sorting, purging, donating...clearing space for more creativity! Here are the photos I shared on instagram...I'm utilizing Rhonna Farrer's Insta~Goals Kit and Phonto for my captions.

Here's Week 1 photos:

Utilizing Fly Lady's 15 minuter de-clutter buster always helps!
Blog maintenance is part of my functional studio!

After not teaching workshops and classes in quite awhile I am back in the saddle again. Presenting workshops at Serenity Studio Arts and loving it! computer desk has not been functioning right. After months of thought I realized I HAD to move my desk hutch.

Are you in for the "21 Challenge"?

Have a creative to organize ;)

Friday, March 15, 2013

Week in Review with The {21} Challenge and More!

I had a great week in that I was creating art every day...that makes me HAPPY!

Kicked off the cross promo week with HELMAR & Pink Paislee.

Joined in Rhonna Farrer's The {21} Challenge.  A future blog post on this ;)You can follow my progress on Instagram.

Getting ready for tomorrow's workshop at Serenity Studio Arts. Will share all the details next week ;)
104 E. Main St.
Elizabeth City, NC 27909

Mixed-Media Canvas Workshop

Worked on secret assignment...details to follow in Apr. 2014.

Plus everyday life!
So excited for my grandson Shane who at 8 earned a spot
in the NY State Wrestling Championships this weekend
in Elmira, Ny.
All ready for Easter...LOL!

Introduced to my daughter's new addition to her puppy collection.
Dahlia{top} is a Oorang Airedale Terrier and Raven {below} is
a Giant Schnauzer puppy...nothing like
Some creative time for me!

Thanks for stopping by...what's on your plate this weekend?