Saturday, January 29, 2011

How would you like to win????

CHA is ready to open and I can feel the excitement all the way here to the NC coast...things are rocking there! Have you seen the new Tattered Angels Glimmer Mist CHALKBOARD colors??? This is just a glimpse...head on over to Tattered Angels to see the entire Chalkboard collection. And while you're there leave a post and you might be the lucky winner of a set of 6.

There is also time to win a set of the Ltd. Edition Spring 2011 Glimmer Mist along with the  THINK YOU KNOW YOUR TATTERED ANGELS PRODUCTS? game and have a chance to be the lucky winner...there still is time! Here is a canvas tag that uses all 6 of the Bahaman Cruise Spring Colors...

Friday, January 28, 2011

Pink Paislee~Tattered Angels~COLOR CONNECTIONS Sneak Peek

This is the sneak peek to the COLOR CONNECTIONS collaboration with 2 new Pink Paislee paper releases, designed by House Of 3, and Tattered Angels. The PINK PAISLEE blog explains it all...hop on over to PINK PAISLEE BLOG to read all about it! Find out more here Rhonna Designs or here Heidi Swapp or here Janet Hopkins.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Tattered Angels How To's...

Head on over to Tattered Angels and you will find some GREAT information to help make your Tattered Angels experience a WOW experience. Such good information!! There are 6 Color Effects Charts.

While you are there check out the video tutorial with Heidi Swapp..she shows how to work with the Heidi Swapp Clam Pack colors, Viva Pink, Electric Blue, Black Magic, Silver Sugar, with 2 really cool techniques. 

Loving these new features that Tattered Angels is rolling out!

HO3...Pink Paislee...Tattered Angels...OH MY!!!

Please go and check out the new Pink Paislee release of the Soiree Collection created by the uber talented House of 3..Heidi, Janet & is wonderful and what's so great is the collaboration that has taken place between these 3 companies. I can see that I will have to have it innovative. I'm so gosh darn excited I don't know what to do!!! Here's the link !

Pink Paislee & SOIREE

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Tattered Angels...more to see from CHA???

It looks like CHA hype is getting to a fevered pitch...the excitement is so obvious...I for one will have to be satisfied sitting here at my computer looking at sneak peeks. Although some sneak peeks from Tattered Angels have already been seen I have the feeling that there may be more coming...we'll have to wait & see.

Don't forget to check out the Tattered Angels blog tomorrow for the very talented Peg Hewitt to revel her Jan. projects. I would like to post my last but MOST favorite of the 3 projects I completed. Hope you like it...there is something so soft and uncomplicated about it. Let me know what you think...would love to know your thoughts about this piece.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Follow Your Bliss...

I thought I would share my 2nd canvas project I created for Tattered Angels. Not to much needs to be said it pretty much says it you a glimpse into where I find my bliss! Hope you had a fab weekend and I know many of you are getting ready to head out to CHA Winter 2011...have a fabulous time!

Glitz Girls + Love Games Collection...Oh My!

I can hardly stand all the excitement of the Winter CHA reveals zooming across the head is spinning! Here's another one that I just fell in love with...check it out ;) Here's a sampling...enjoy!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Tattered Angels + Canvas = LOVE

Today my Jan. projects went up on the new Tattered Angels blog and I thought I would share one of the projects with you. This banner was created using the 6 brand new Limited Ed. Spring 2011 Bahaman Cruise colors {say that 3 times}. All of the canvas, flowers & felt pieces from Prima were used to create this banner. Enjoy and if you have any questions I will be more than glad to answer...ENJOY!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Time to.....

It's you know what that means...
I get to spend the next 2 days
in my "CREATE CAVE" {doing the happy dance}.
Tomorrow {1/22} my Tattered Angels Canvas projects
will be posted on the TA blog...
make sure you stop by and
see what I created this month.
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Thursday, January 20, 2011

DIY: Rhonna DESIGNS~fabric flowers

If you haven't seen Rhonna Farrer's felt flowers you are missing out. They are scrumptious... I highly suggest you hop on over to this link and see what she has available...Rhonna has provided 3 different ways to get the look! You will NOT be sorry! Rhonna DESIGNS: fabric flower

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Welcome to the blog world...

The blog world...a scary place if your new to it. For me I was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed creating this blog. Every post adds a sense of anticipation...will anyone read this...will I have a new follower{s}...will readers be kind when they realize that I'm just a newbie. I can report a resounding YES to all the musings above. In 4-1/2 months I'm chugging along I have a small following, hopefully over time to build a larger group of followers.

With that said I would like to introduce you to a brand new blogger. Kathy is my friend, she has an incredible story and maybe someday she will share it. She is my enabler...LOL! Please help me welcome her to this world...QUEEN CREATIONS-KATHY GIELOW.

Before I forget {that won't likely happen as I am too excited}...will you be there to hear the big news and see some sneak peeks:


TONIGHT...Will you be here?????

This is sooo exciting...I'm giddy with anticipation to see what is in store for us ;) I'll be there...will you?

Monday, January 17, 2011

Are you ready...sneak peeks from Tattered Angels

Everyone is busy these days...getting ready to attend Winter CHA, projects and deadlines...stretched & stressed. Take a little break and check out these sneak peeks from Tattered Angels.

1st up...brand new Chalkboard Glimmer Mist colors...yummy...
 2nd up...THIS IS BIG...make sure you tune in for this...OH MY {squealing with joy} !

3rd...How about a sneak peak of something I'm working on for Tattered Angels...will be posting on 1/22 ;)

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Time flies...even when you're NOT having fun!

Holy Moly...where did this week disappear. Methinks it was going back to school after Winter break of 2 weeks...jumping right into end of the semester stuff...realizing that you didn't finish the curriculum AGAIN...exams coming up on Thurs. 1/14 & Fri. 1/15. I wish I had more time to do everything that I want to do...

I was able to finish putting together a project inspired by Tammy Tutterow's Happiness project...I've mentioned it before. I was so enthralled by the possibilities that I jumped in and created my version. The photo's aren't the best. I'm still working out the best lighting...probably outside but it was just too cold today. I'm thrilled with what I have so far...what do you think???? Let me know...I'm up for some constructive criticism ;)

The base for this projects is the 7Gypsies Library Card Drawer. So perfect for me as I am a life-long book lover and at one time wanted to be Librarian...just to be around books.

The following pictures are close-ups of each divider page. My intent is to add 4x6" LO's to each category, documenting the things in life that make me happy and that I am thankful for. 

Sunday, January 2, 2011

OWOH...this looks intriguing!!

I stumbled over this after following a link from Tammy Tutterow's blog...One World One Heart looks so intriguing and I'm going to do it. I {HEART} the blog world...I learn sooo much. Here is the Barbara Mason's blog that you can find all the info. on. Enjoy the eye candy :)

Started my 1st page for ART JOURNAL EVERY DAY with Julie Fei-Fan Balzer. I will share later but I had to come up with some of my own rules...


2nd...I'm not going to use a journal...the thought of being restricted strikes fear in my heart. My journal will consist of pages from all the different Tattered Angels albums...the paper that is used is the best I have ever worked none. I will bind my journal at the end or 2011 that way I can use any assortment of paper shapes & sizes that I find. 

3rd and final rule...strive for 2 pages per week...if more than it's all gravy.

I've got to get to work...I need a 2 day work week and 48 hr. days the other much to learn, see  & do!!!

So far I'm loving about you?