Sunday, July 10, 2011

Tattered Angels & Shane...

For the past two weeks I have been in Buffalo, NY, home since I was in college...home to my daughter Cait and my grandson Shane. After school is out here in NC we always head back up for the start of summer...birthdays, family, friends, 4th of July. I look forward to being there for Cait's birthday...she turned 27 at the end of June. I also had the pleasure of providing childcare to an energetic, rough and tumble 7 yr. old!

Because I would be there for two weeks I prepared an art box to take with me, consisting of journals, paint, glue, stamps, stamp pads and the all important TATTERED ANGELS Glimmer Mist. One morning as Shane & I were eating breakfast he asked me about "the special paint that I worked for"...don't you love that! Of course I had to get out my handy, dandy art box and I shared with him the "special paint"...I didn't expect the next question, but I probably should have..."Grandma, can I make a card for my Momma's birthday?".

Of course wanting to share my knowledge with anyone that listens I proceeded to tell him all about TATTERED ANGELS...I explained how you had to shake the bottle, and hold it correctly and of course the infamous "COMMIT TO THE MIST!" We got to work and here are a few pictures of Shane creating the birthday remember this is an a 7 yr. old who one minute is Jack Sparrow including the tattoo's to a budding artist. The pictures are rough but I so wanted to share them.
Shane getting the hang of it!

On to the 5th color!

Committed to the Mist!


After he finished and knew it had to dry he was off being a WWF Wrestler. He did finish the card later that day and he gave to his Momma on her birthday. I didn't get a chance to snap a shot of the card but Shane did ask if I would send him some of the "special paint made by Angels", some stamps and stamp pads so he could be an artist...out of the mouth of babes!!

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