Wednesday, March 20, 2013

My First Workshop at Serenity Studio Arts or Why I'm Back Teaching Part 1

Disclaimer: This workshop is the brainchild of  Dyan Reavely. I have express written consent from Dyan to teach her workshop.

Last Nov. 2012 I traveled to The Queen's Ink,{Savage, MD.}, owned buy the incredible Patti Euler, to attend two of Dyan Reaveley's workshops. Although I had met Dyan at each of the 4 CHA's I've attended this would probably be my only chance, within traveling distance, to take her classes. I was able to sign up for her gimongous Mixed-Media Canvas and Art Journaling. At the end of the classes Dyan told us to share what we learned on the one condition that we gave credit for her techniques and projects. I thought to myself how wonderful for Dyan to share.

Little did I know that I would be contacting Dyan and requesting permission...little did I know that I would be BACK teaching. In the early 1980's I taught hand quilting in a quilt shop in Lewiston, NY, before machine quilting hit the stage. I designed, created and presented all the classes offered there. Then my daughter was born, I had a full-time teaching job, traveled 75 miles per day and something had to give. I stopped teaching but kept my hand in the industry with a small cross stitch store where I also did archival matting and framing for needlework projects. Ok...enough of the forward to now.

Class samples that I still have. 
All hand quilting done at that time and mostly historical patterns!

With a serendipitous meeting with Courtney, a metal smith and owner of Serenity Studio Arts, it became clear that I would soon be presenting various workshops at her studio. After receiving permission from Dyan I preceded to create a workshop based on her 36"x36" mixed media canvas except I shrunk it down to a 12" x 12" size. 
104 E. Main Street
Elizabeth City, NC 27909

You might ask why I chose to teach Dyan's workshop and not create my own. Because her technique is tried and tested, it's a GENIUS project where students leave with a completed canvas and have learned a multitude of techniques, lots about mixed media media products and how to create using basic items found at home. In a small little town, surrounded by several counties, from Fredericksburg, Va. and east of the I-95 corridor, from the  northeast corner of NC near the Outer Banks down the coast to Myrtle Beach, SC. you will not find a LSS...they have all left this area. Getting supplies is mostly done from the internet or you wait until you get to a city to buy. 

So to make a long story! I presented this workshop on Sat. 3/16 2013 to a small but eager class. It is hard to believe but sometimes we have to come out of own bubbles and realize that there is a multitude of eager students who have no idea, because of location, about the things WE TAKE FOR GRANTED in the industry!

Since I know how little time everyone has, the long blog lists we read each day and creativity to be attended to I will post Part 2 on Fri. So make sure you pop back and see the rest of the story!

Now go get messy, inky and creative!


  1. I've been lucky to take classes with Dyan too and I agree, she's awesome. I bet your workshop was fabulous!

  2. Well done Martha, creative lives are an interesting jounrney of learning and sharing different skills, sounds like you are having fun with the new adventures

  3. Once a teacher, always a teacher, you love to share :-)
    Wish I could come and do a class with you too!

  4. I bet it was awesome!!!! Looks fabulous!!

  5. Didnt we have fun Martha! Good luck with your teaching. I am sure you do a great job and have FUN FUN FUN (not as much as we did of course!)LOL

  6. Hey Martha, I finally got on and found you. This is great. I wish I was as creative. Awesome just awesome.


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