Monday, March 18, 2013

My "21 Challenge" Round Up Week 1

I've done the 21 Challenge before with Rhonna Farrer but this time I'm doing it publicly by sharing it everyday on instagram. If you want to know more about what this is go HERE. If you want to follow me on instagram you will find me HERE.

My challenge is to reorganize my studio so that it works in the way that I work/create. That always is in the back of my mind...what are my steps in can I organize my studio in the same way. Some areas work but others don't. I've added areas specifically for art journaling and for fabric art...these are in dire need of HELP!!!!!

I'm also purging STUFF that I really haven't used in the last year...sorting, purging, donating...clearing space for more creativity! Here are the photos I shared on instagram...I'm utilizing Rhonna Farrer's Insta~Goals Kit and Phonto for my captions.

Here's Week 1 photos:

Utilizing Fly Lady's 15 minuter de-clutter buster always helps!
Blog maintenance is part of my functional studio!

After not teaching workshops and classes in quite awhile I am back in the saddle again. Presenting workshops at Serenity Studio Arts and loving it! computer desk has not been functioning right. After months of thought I realized I HAD to move my desk hutch.

Are you in for the "21 Challenge"?

Have a creative to organize ;)


  1. Your studio is really looking great, thanks for inspiring me to do the 21 day challenge again.

  2. You've been busy! Love the studio shots. Enjoy your teaching!


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