Sunday, March 11, 2012

Creating Art Everyday...{keeps me sane}

 Really, truly...I try to work on some type of creative endeavor every is part of last weeks projects.

When I'm creating I'm also calming down from my workday and all the trivial distractions from the day. The more I create the more I want to create. I'm no longer waiting for the perfect time...give my 15 minutes to work and I'm a happy camper. Even straightening up my studio sparks a creative idea...of course I drop what I'm doing and follow that spark!

Have a great day...I'm off to do something about you? What's on your creative plate?


  1. I need to spend a few minutes cleaning, photographing projects and since it's so gorgeous plan on taking the rat dog for a walk. Have a great day too!

  2. Great post Martha, a bit of creative self expression does the soul good, looks like you enjoyed playing with new colors this week.

  3. Oooh, loving those colors, Martha! I had a crafty morning and then a visit with family. Hope your day was great.


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