Monday, March 19, 2012

My Second Floor Challenge...

Here is my project completed for the very 1st Challenge of the Second Floor challenge issued by Julie Fei-Fan Balzer and Nathalie Kalbach. The challenge was to create with gold paint...not hard for me because I had on hand the most fabulous acrylic paint by Eco Green Crafts in Pure Gold. I decided to take the piece that I had just finished that really pushed my envelope and use that as my base. For one moment I hesitated and thought that I wanted to make a color copy so I could play with the copy but then I remembered the challenge...take it to the SECOND FLOOR. So I hiked up my big girl panties and used the painting I had just finished{below}.

I first attempted to just let the paint drip down from the top but it didn't want to cooperate...1st fail. Then I grabbed some punchinella and started dabbing was OK but not what I wanted in fact I would say...2nd fail. Not to be outdone by this challenge I continued to play around, add some more doodles, went back over the flowers with my black pen...added more white dots...more black dots and the final splashes of gold. It took a couple of days...I would get to a certain point and stop...coming back and looking...adding...going away...coming know the routine. Finally I felt it was complete but the longer I looked at it I knew something was lacking...I ran the edges of the paper through the gold paint and liked how it edged the painting. Now I felt it was finished. 

I realized that I needed to let this painting percolate in my mind and that it was ok to keep working on it until it felt right. I also realized that for this challenge I needed to reflect on what I had done. I'm really thrilled with my finished project and I really feel I took this to my Second Floor!

Hope you enjoyed and I would love to hear your thoughts on my painting...thanks for stopping by...

Time to get inky,


  1. I really love the outcome! So glad you took it to the second floor- thank you so much for joining us :)

  2. I love what you did with this...I adore the added dots and circle..I happen to love circles..I use them in everything..Im a bit obsessed..when I dont feel like doing any thing..I draw circles..Lol...the gold looks great and the dripping down just adds an ethereal look to an already beautiful piece..Nice to meet you Martha..!

  3. mmm don't know which one to choose. I liked the original, but also how you added all the dots and golden paint. Love it!

  4. Love seeing the evolution of this page, Martha. You rocked it out with the gold.

  5. I love how you kept coming back to it and letting what added sit until the next time you came back, it came out great!


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