Monday, March 20, 2017

Rising Seas: Can the Outer Banks, NC Survive?

March 2017
Melting Polar Caps & Sea Level Rise

The Outer Banks of NC are a series of thin, barrier islands that separate the Currituck Sound, Albemarle Sound & Pamlico Sound from the Atlantic Ocean,that runs from the very southern tip of VA. down the East Coast of NC. If there was ever a reason to understand the profound effects of 'Climate Change' it can be viewed right here on a daily basis. 97% of Climate scientists believe we are at the critical tipping point of addressing what is happening to Mothers Earth and I'm going to share what happens when a series of barrier islands are directly impacted.

"Development and climate change are causing the islands to slowly vanish, scientists say."

At one time there was 1000 ft. of beach but today at times of high tides the beach disappears.

At times of extreme weather the already trouble beaches sustain further erosion that impacts homes, roads and the Bonner Bridge which connects several of the islands with the mainland.

Bonner Bridge


  1. Great report, Martha. This is some of our favorite America. Adjustments all around! Laura

  2. Martha,
    Your post is very interesting and scary at the same time.
    As I sit here writing this, the evening news is on and they are speaking of Victoria,Texas after Hurricane Harvey landed last night.The sadness of the the devastation of the wind and surging waters is overwhelming. I am glad to live on the east coast,although Lake Ontario seems to be having its own way with the shores here as well.
    You know our earth is changing so rapidly,it makes me wonder what will our great,great grandchildren have left to deal with.
    Thanks so much for your visit to my blog and the congratulations you left! I am so thrilled to be part of Gwen's tribe!

    I also would like to keep in touch via FB or email so we could plan some art play time together!
    Have a good evening!


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