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A BIRDS EYE VIEW: Hurricane Matthew, Elizabeth City, NC

FEB. 2017



I live in Elizabeth City, NC on the Rasquotank River which flows into the Albemarle Sound and then the Atlantic Ocean at the Outer Banks which is a barrier island. Hurricanes are common, along with Tropical Storms and the good ol' Nor'Easter. In the 12 years that we've lived here approximately 3 EXTREME WEATHER storms pounce on this area every year.

This year was DIFFERENT! HURRICANE MATTHEW was on the way, almost 12 days of weather reporting about this monster storm and although we would be on the tail end of it...going to move off shore we still would feel the impact. 

Little did anyone know that the unpredictable storm was going to do the most devastation in NC. This community received over 12" of rain in a 24 hr. period (the most in the Hurricane)...the ground was already saturated from Tropical Storm Hermine that dumped 9" in Sept.

Although Hurricane Preparation is pushed in this area and the people know that from June until Nov. there will be some that will make landfall here. We  really weren't ready for the impact that Matthew would take on this area! Oh we had our water, canned foods, batteries, candles, matches etc. we still were not prepared.

This month I will be sharing how my husband and I were personally impacted by the storm. I'll share my Art Journal JOURNALISTIC Page 1st.

Hurricane Matthew Highlights
In NC Hurricane Matthew damage is estimated to be $1.5 BILLION
  • Its diameter is roughly the distance across the state of Pennsylvania.
  • Mandatory evacuations spread for over 500 miles along the Southeast coast.
  • Hurricane Matthew will be remembered as a historic storm and residents along the Southeast coast and In the Caribbean will be talking about it for decades.
  • 5: At peak intensity, Matthew was a Category 5 hurricane with maximum sustained winds of 160 mph late Sept. 30 into early Oct. 1.
  • 6: Counties in Georgia that have mandatory evacuations in place in anticipation of Matthew's arrival.
  • 12+: Days that meteorologists have been tracking Matthew. Invest 97L was designated by the National Hurricane Center on Sept. 25. The invest became Tropical Storm Matthew on Sept. 28 and quickly strengthened into a hurricane by Sept. 29 in the eastern Caribbean Sea. 
  • 13: Matthew will likely be the 13th billion-dollar weather disaster in the United States this year.
  • 155: The peak unconfirmed wind gust recorded in eastern Cuba from Matthew was 155 mph.
  • 250: Miles of Matthew's diameter while off the east coast of Florida, which isn't a terribly large hurricane, but is roughly the distance across Pennsylvania, from Pittsburgh to Philadelphia.

We were amongst the luckier of homeowners as we are out of the flood zone by 25 literally ends at the beginning of our property line. Although the winds were fierce we only sustained minimal damage...a new roof, exterior rain & wind damage unlike others!

Although Matthew hit here on Oct. 8th it wasn't until the 1st week in Feb., 2017 that we were able to replace the roof on our house. Damage in the storm meant a complete tear-off and replacement. The insurance adjusters and contractors were so backed up this was the soonest we could get it done.

The job gets started...dumpster, shingles, workers!

Tear off completed!

Now our neighbors across the street weren't as lucky. A huge limb came down on & went through their roof and was sticking out the back side by a good 50 feet. Luckily their bedroom was on the other side of the house! The damage was extensive and the cost was exorbitant as evey room in the house suffered damage...cracked walls & ceilings that required being plastered and painted again!

Tree Limb Through the Roof

Looking inside out...yikes!

Hurricane Matthew Storm Total Rainfall
Satellite Image over North & South Carolina

To sum up the EXTREME WEATHER in the 2016 ATLANTIC Hurricane Season are these facts:
  • Most active
  • Costliest
  • Above average season
  • 15 Named Storms
  • 7 Hurricanes
  • 4 Major Hurricanes
  • Strongest, Costliest & Deadliest.....HURRICANE MATTHEW

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  1. Whoa, what a story Martha. I knew Matthew hit your area hard, but I didn't realize the total destruction and damage it caused. I loved reading through your facts and amazing more people weren't lost. Thank goodness for that. Your story re-told in your art journal will be remembered forever...and hopefully our year long project will be one step in the right direction. ♥


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