Saturday, March 19, 2016

How to Use Sandra Everton's RELICS and ARTIFACTS in HOME DECOR

When I first discovered the Relics and Artifacts products created by Sandra Evertson I was just creating them as little jewels to be enjoyed. Some of my first ones were created with what I identify the most with...the ocean, sand, seashells, sea glass and broken coral. Many of these have been collected on my vacations to Dunedin, FL. and Sand Key Park. I also have a huge collection of broken and junk jewelry that I have rescued from my sisters antique store. 

I've had requests to buy them but I can't part with them. I tell myself that these gems are prototypes but the reality is they represent me. Now the problem was how to display them in my home. I searched the internet for a storage case, a shadow box and I stumbled upon exactly what I had in mind {oh how I love when that happens}. I found these fabulous glass and mirrored display boxes on clearance at pottery

Let me show you my little gems before when just completed and after in their permanent home.

Notice this one lonely Relics and Artifacts's waiting for the NEW releases of these incredible resin pieces created by Sandra Evertson. I can tell you that there are some SHELLS in that new release. 

Not every piece is done with the ocean fact many aren't but again I want them to be displayed so others can view them. So this is where it started.

And this is how I transformed it into a piece of home decor. I used a piece of vintage wallpaper that I painted and applied to a 5x7" birch panel that also had been prepared with paint. The door plaque and key came from my home in Buffalo, NY and I left it just as is with it's original patina. A few embellishments completed this piece. It is now displayed on a cabinet in my living room.

I encourage you, if you haven't already, go to Sandra Evertson's website to read about the background story, check out the R&A Ambassadors and the various designs that you can purchase. There is a fabulous FaceBook group that you can join where you will just be surrounded with the most beautiful pieces of art. You can also follow on Instagram

Thanks again for joining me and looking at what I've created. 


  1. Martha, these are all soooo gorgeous! I love the ocean theme and have a lot of that decor in my home. Your display boxes are beautiful as well. Well done and a spectacular collection!

  2. A sensational post Martha and the way you showcased them is marvelous !!!! I cant wait for the news gels as well since i also get inspired by the ocean!

  3. These are all gorgeous! I love the Relics and Artifacts pieces too. So far, I've painted them and strung them on pretty ribbons. That's about it! Not as creative as you've done, but they really, really are such beautiful elements to work with.

  4. Hi Martha. they look beautiful! Great idea and thanks for the inspiration. Seems like its been quite a while since i have seen your blog pop up. Glad to see you back. Sue

  5. Very nice, Martha. You have displayed them beautifully. I totally understand the whole "prototype" thing too. I just can't bring myself to sell my stuff.

  6. Love. Your use and the really feminine touch. I hope you don t mind my d
    oing some in laces n flowers.
    Lea ray

  7. Your work is beautiful and I love the way you displayed your pieces!


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