Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Whatevers #3 Creative Storytelling...The Beach

Yay I got it finished in time for the next challenge to be released on 9/15...are you in?

Here’s my story & I’m sticking with it!!!

Hidden journaling behind tag:
It was another rainy day at the beach…the kind of rain that would go on all day. Grandma decided to bake my favorite gingerbread cookies and I kept her company working on all the pictures she gave me.

I found one of the four sisters all dressed in their finest summer whites, sitting for a formal portrait at the beach. Gosh…weren’t they hot, why would you wear dresses to the beach?

As the afternoon went on I kept digging through the box of photos and was so pleased with the treasures I found. I actually found pictures of my aunties Tootsie, Mamie and Weezie in bathing dresses…still in dresses at the beach. Then I found a photo of my Mom & her siblings…I would love to know what they were laughing about. And then one of us.

Although time has marched on those 4 sisters were always at the beach with us.

Hidden journaling{upper right corner}
1st generation born in America. L to R. Adolf, Emma & Sophia {my Mom}. Grandma & her 3 sisters would sit on the beach and watch as  they frolicked on the beach, always properly dressed…do they ever go swimming?

Hidden journaling {lower left corner}
Going to the beach was always a family affair…it was also a daylong adventure that included a picnic lunch and dinner. It was 3 generations enjoying the sand, sun and water.  We are the 2nd generation born in America {Grandma & her family immigrated from what was once known as Loetzin, East Prussia in the early 1900’s}. For some reason there are only 4 of us in the photo and I suspect the 2 youngest were in baby carriages.  L. to R. Michael, Melinda, ME, & Michele…missing Mary & Mark.

There is still time to play along with this fun challenge and you can find all the details here.


  1. Oh ... amazing girl! Love all the details! And the colors ... SO BEAUTIFUL!

  2. this is beautiful and I do love the story Martha! The colors are so bright and beautiful! AWESOME!

  3. Wonderful journaling, and a gorgeous page!

  4. oh this is sooooo amazing. Loving the style - wonderful!!!! thank you so much for playing along- can't wait to read more of your story :)

  5. This is GORGEOUS!! I loveeeeeeeee the photos and love love loveeeeeeeee how you added the hidden journaling and the extra little photos!!!!

  6. Martha - this is so fabulous! Love the story and all the hidden journaling. I keep forgetting to play along with the whatevers...going to do it NOW!

  7. Very original I liked it so much the story as the page is beautiful

  8. great take on the photo Martha, the colors are prefectly beachy

  9. Lovely story and the journal is beautiful. This would make such a fabulous gift. Thanks for sharing Martha!

  10. Oh Martha! I think this is one of my favorite layouts you've created! Love the colors, the photo's and the hidden tag. gorgeous


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