Saturday, May 19, 2012

The Second Floor Challenge take!

I just love this challenge collaborated by Julie Balzer & Nathalie Kalbach...I was able to work on it in between my major studio transformation {which I will share real soon!}. I was working on a project for a class I'm taking with Catherine Matthews Scanlon...Art 2 Journal when I realized I could join the 2 projects together. Here is the progression of my Second Floor Challenge combined with The Art of Subtraction project.

Acrylic Paint Background

The ART of Subtraction
{no it's not Mickey Mouse}

Starting the detail

Detail Close-up

Completed project

Well back to work for all the fun household stuff!


  1. Love love love love this !!! SIMPLY gorgeous!! I loveeeeeeee the colors and loving the circles!!

    1. Thanks Julie...just flexing my new found art skills ;)

  2. Gorgeous colors, Martha... Love what you're doing with the paints.


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