Friday, April 13, 2012

Online Classes for the Artist in You...Recommendations

I am a virtual learner due to my location and work schedule. Most of my classes are taken online and I have been nothing but pleased. Have you waded into this incredible opportunity? I get to take classes with the Best of the Best and my list is quite long. Instead of going backwards I'm going to share the classes I'm now enrolled in that start soon and with artists that I've already completed several classes with. That's why I feel confident making these recommendations to you. I'm also looking at these classes & instructors through my own lens & experiences as a veteran Family & Consumer Science teacher.

For today I'm going to focus on the 4 workshops I'm enrolled in now. I'm asked if I complete all the answer is I do what I have time to do, I post what I do but I'm not worried if I don't finish ALL the work. I always gain so much knowledge from these workshops that whatever I get done is to my advantage! I'm providing links for information on these classes and on their personal blogs ;)

Coming up {in no particular order}:


Art2Journal with Catherine Matthews Scanlon
Catherine does a top notch job with there classes...videos, pdf's, clear & concise instructions. She is readily available on the forums for help & critique. This will be my 4th workshop with Catherine.

Uber*Media Acrylic Paint with Nathalie Kalbach
This is the 3rd workshop in Nathalie's focus on working with different media, products and techniques. This is my 5th workshop with her and I highly recommend this based on the amount of info. you will receive.

Artful Alphabets with Joanne Sharpe
If you're interested in learning great lettering techniques then this is the class for you. This is the 2nd class in a series from Joanne and you will just love what Joanne has prepared for you to learn.

Your Living Canvas workshop  with Christy Tomlinson
Again I highly recommend any workshop from Christy as she has an entirely different approach to looking at yourself, your world and your art. This will my 5th workshop with her.

If you have any questions please feel free to ask. I have included links to each of these workshops so you can get an overview of what you will be doing. I'm so thankful that I have these at my disposal. ALL of the classes and artist have made me better at what I do!

Thanks for stopping by. Now back to the regular schedule programs ;)



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