Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I *heart* learning....

I have discovered in my adult years that I have a real thirst for knowledge...I really crave learning new techniques, new ideas, new materials and I'm on a constant search for anything that fits in this category. Many of you know that I live in an area that offers very little in the way of classes so I rely heavily on the internet for this. I read blogs, follow link after link, sign up, join sites, take this and take that and I love it, 99% of the time. This project is one of those..aha moments...must learn technique...searched & searched until I stumbled across Ten Seconds Studio  As much as I wanted to jump right in and buy all that Ten Seconds Studio has to offer I tempered my desire and went on a search for a kit. This is what I found at  Jack & Cat Curio blog, exactly what I wanted...a kit that gave me the opportunity to work with metal and dabble in some Steampunk art. 

This is so much easier to create than appears and it is definitely a technique I will use again. After apply the metal strips {self adhesive} and creating the embellishments it all went together in a jiffy with Helmar's 450 Quick Dry Adhesive. I was able to finish this in an evening...now that's the type of project I like working on! I love my plaque, I love the metal, I love the technique. And this is what happens when I go out searching for knowledge!!! Hope you enjoyed your visit...I've been neglecting my blog...only because my "real" job interferes with my "REAL" life.


  1. Love it!!!! Now I need one of those kits too. ENABLER!!!!

  2. this is amazing. ohhh love those kits...grrr- bad bad girl!

  3. Perhaps you'd like to come on over and check out my blog today?

    Just sayin'. :)

  4. Nice one Martha, the metal adds a fun finish to your project


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