Sunday, January 2, 2011

OWOH...this looks intriguing!!

I stumbled over this after following a link from Tammy Tutterow's blog...One World One Heart looks so intriguing and I'm going to do it. I {HEART} the blog world...I learn sooo much. Here is the Barbara Mason's blog that you can find all the info. on. Enjoy the eye candy :)

Started my 1st page for ART JOURNAL EVERY DAY with Julie Fei-Fan Balzer. I will share later but I had to come up with some of my own rules...


2nd...I'm not going to use a journal...the thought of being restricted strikes fear in my heart. My journal will consist of pages from all the different Tattered Angels albums...the paper that is used is the best I have ever worked none. I will bind my journal at the end or 2011 that way I can use any assortment of paper shapes & sizes that I find. 

3rd and final rule...strive for 2 pages per week...if more than it's all gravy.

I've got to get to work...I need a 2 day work week and 48 hr. days the other much to learn, see  & do!!!

So far I'm loving about you?

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