Tuesday, October 15, 2013

It's WHATEVER Time or Visits To The Fairy Trail at Lilydale

Welcome to this months creative storytelling with THE WHATEVERS.  I hope you are enjoying all our stories. You will find links and more information at the bottom.

The Whatevers and the FAIRY TRAIL FESTIVAL:

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, the creator of the fictional Sherlock Holmes not only believed in spiritualism and all of the phenomena of the séance room, but he also believed in fairies. He even wrote two pamphlets and a book The Coming of the Fairies. When he would travel to Lilydale it was often for the FAIRY TRAIL FESTIVAL held towards the end of the summer season. The Fairy Trail is a winding path cutting through the heavily wooded forest.
It always started with a long walk to the Fairy Trail with the adults leading us. They often told stories of seeing fairies, and fairy legends. Once we arrived a new Prince Fairy and Princess Fairy would be crowned. I had always hoped it would be my turn but it never happened.  This year it was my cousin Franz and his sister Gertrude {we called her Tootsie behind her back}. They traveled from Germany for a visit {really it was to move to here} and spend time with Mama and Papa at the Hotel. What I didn’t know at that time was ALL of my family would become permanent residents of Lilydale. But that is a story for later and I will tell you more about Lilydale and my dislike for Tootsie.
Ahhhh…..Back to the Fairy Trail Festival. Once crowned the Prince & Princess would lead the parade through the trail. All the children would be looking and looking for Fairies. We looked under stumps, beneath decayed fallen trees covered in kelly green moss, monster-sized mushrooms and overgrown forest ferns. We would find little trinkets along the way and there would be squeals of excitement. The grownups would clap and laugh and continue on with the conversations that we were never allowed to hear.
It was along walk back to the hotel but always in time for afternoon tea. Mama would be waiting with cold pitchers of lemonade for us. The adults would get small glasses of MAMA’S CHERRY BOUNCE and one of her special desserts. The children were never allowed to try the Cherry Bounce. Mama always said that when we grew up then we could try it.
I can tell you that once I grew up and became an adult I knew why Mama said “not for children”. It has quite the kick to it. I carried on the tradition of making Cherry Bounce for Christmas Eve.
Recipe: Cherry Bounce {6~12 oz. bottles}
2 qts. fresh sour cherries, washed and stems removed
1 lb sugar cubes
48 oz. vodka
1 gal. glass jar
Place sugar cubes and sour cherries in sterilized gallon glass container with tight fitting lid.
Pour over sugar cubes and cherries and shake.
Store in cool dark place, shaking once a day for one week and once a week for 2 months.
Strain vodka, pour into clean, sterilized bottles.
WEll I hope you enjoyed my story. I can attest to the fact that Cherry Bounce is real and it is something I often make for Christmas gifts. I usually make it around the 1st of July when sour cherries are in season and know it will be ready around the beginning of Dec.

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  3. ooooohhhhh. the fairies are coming, the fairies are coming! I love that you are sharing a recipe each time -- this cherry bounce sounds pretty yum!! Do you drink it straight or mix it with something? I bet it puts a good bounce in your step, ha ha!

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