Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Decorating Cookies with Stencils...A New Use

Many of you know I he{ART} Stencils and one of my favorite designs is the Quatrafoil. When I saw Ronda Palazzari's stencil design from The Crafter's Workshop I was over the moon excited...I knew I would it use in many different ways but what I didn't ever think beyond the surfaces I create with! Well I was floored when I was contacted the other day by Hillary aka The Cookie Countess at my Etsy shop letting me know how she used Ronda Palazzari's Quatrafoil stencil for decorating sugar cookies.

  Check these cookies out...

Here is Hillary's guest post on The Sweet Adventures of Sugarbelle and you will also find her at The Cookie Countess website.

Thank you Hillary for sharing...I'm so impressed with your talent!

Off to do some creating...have a great day!


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