Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The JEWEL LOOM designed by Julianna Hudgins ROCKS!

I know that everyone returning from CHA Winter 2013 is talking about their favorite new product(s) but today I want to tell you not only about my favorites but the classes I took with the designers of these products. I was fortunate this year to get many of the classes I wanted not realizing that I signed up for 4 jewelry classes. 

I'm going to start off today with the class I took with the oh so enthusiastic Julianna Hudgins where her brand new JEWEL LOOM was unveiled for the first time. Julianna also had just received word that she was awarded a patent for her loom and was just super, super excited. The JEWEL LOOM will be available soon and when you see the price point you just won't believe it...for about 2 Venti Starbuck' Frappacinos you can bring this baby home!!!

Here's the JEWEL LOOM.


Here's the bracelet that I started working on in class at CHA Winter 2013 from start to finish.

Now the question that many crafters want to know...will I use it again and the answer is YES! I'm not sure when it will available but a little birdie told me that it might be making an appearance on JTV on Feb. 10th & 11th.

Thanks for stopping by and I will share 2 more classes I took this week. Have a creative day!


  1. THanks Girlfriend! I love the photos! You are so fabulous! Sending ya Jewel Loom hugs! XOXO Jewels

  2. Ohhhhhhhhhh I love love love love love your bracelet! That is GORGEOUS!! How awesome you took her class!! I bet it was amazing!


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