Saturday, April 9, 2011

"Always act like....

you're wearing an INVISIBLE CROWN"...anonymous

Don't you love that...I do. I love this canvas and the saying. I enrolled in a class taught by Nathalie Kalbach "UNLEASH YOUR CREATIVITY"...a class being offered at Craft Edu. It was wonderful and I'm getting ready to start another canvas. I'm hoping that Nathalie will consider doing more classes. I'm so jealous because Nathalie is teaching all over Europe and Australia...wish we could get her to the States...just sayin'...until then I will have to be satisfied with online classes. Isn't this fun???

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  1. I love your canvas......and the quote SO much! I'm going to take that class too. I bet we could figure out a way to get Nat here if we really try!


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