Tuesday, November 16, 2010


The Nov. project for the Tattered Angels Design Team was to create projects using wood & the various paint products. Usually you can view these projects every month at the Tattered Angels blog but it is in the middle of being updated. The Design Team members are displaying their projects on there own blogs and posting to Facebook also. Today was Erika Taylor's projects and I am pleased that I can share them with you. I will try and go back and post the other team members projects because let me tell you...THEY ARE INCREDIBLE...yes, I am slightly excited and yelling because you will want to try the technique on any piece of wood you can find. My husband has locked up all my Tattered Angels product because he sees me eyeing all the beautiful old wood trim in our 1920 American Foursquare...not really...only kidding! Here is Erika's blog for you to check out: http://taylordconcepts.blogspot.com/ and here is one of her projects...ENJOY!!!

Right now the hottest handmade item seems to anything made from felt...particularly felt flowers. I have the tendency to try & figure out how to make them so I don't have to purchase them...something that I have always done. After google search after google search, finding pattern after pattern, tons of research I set out to make these beautiful felt corsages to go on winter coats for this season.  I stopped by Michaels and bought several pieces of white felt...knowing that they would all be "glimmerized" with TATTERED ANGELS Glimmer Mist.

Here is my 1st experiment...{now remember I taught clothing & textiles for 30 years} it took from start to finish a little over an hour to trace, cut, sew & "GLIMMERIZE" this gardenia. I used Tattered Angels CHALKBOARD Glimmer Mist in Cotton Candy.  I'm pretty happy with the results...not bad for 1st try if I say so my self. Not happy with the pencil lines but that's what I had on hand...{note to self...ORDER fabric glue & water based fabric markers}.

BUT I can never stop there...now I'm on a search for a better grade of felt and I stumbled across Giant Dwarf by Sue. A great ETSY shop that you must stop and see. Sue's story is also quite interesting how she went from a hobbyist to a full fledged entrepreneur. Of course I didn't just look I ordered several pieces of WOOL felt...because WOOL fiber will take the GLIMMER MIST so much better that a man-made fiber.

Of course I then had to search out her blog...

So what do you think...a few small green leaves.some bling & maybe a little tulle & feathers...OH YEAH!!! Are you on my Christmas list?

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